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Partners- First Edition

Image of Partners- First Edition


Gwen Meridian lives in a world of devils and savagery. Where predators lurk among dreams and reality. A place where humans become beasts from the outside in.

Unless they are devoured from the inside out.

After being forced into servitude as a debt collector and assassin, Gwen must now find a way to survive in a society that's more monster than man, and protect herself against those who seek to kill her. Even if one of those people happens to be her new partner.

This is a print edition of my first graphic novel "Partners"

This edition is an expanded and improved version of the original webcomic and comes with a bunch of bonuses!

60+ additional pages.
Touched up pages from the original run.
Bonus content! Sketches and preliminary work from me and a collection of comics and illustrations from a generous group of artists.
All copies include a small doodle + signature.

Warning: This book contains explicit content including gore, foul language, and THE DEVIL (666)

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